Innvortes is a Scandinavian company for development and supply of ornamental organ replacement technology. It is the manufacturer of the Cardiac Ornamental Replacement system (C.O.R). This device is a result of thorough research, and is unique and innovative in its field. C.O.R is the first in a wide range of organ replacement products.

The possibilities are potentially limitless with this precisely designed ceramic component. Each device is crafted individually and approved by our professionals. The adaptability to the individual patient is uncomparable. In theory the C.O.R is replaceable om an infinite basis. If you are in need of a new device, the purchased item will be shipped to you on demand.

Take the plunge into a new cardiac era; obtain a healthy life situation by posessing a heart that restores the ability to prosper emotionally. This device doesn’t inflict illness, pain, discomfort, insecurities or negative psychological changes.

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